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Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte - Black Lake Confidence LP


Second pressing, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, white vinyl.
Includes free download.


A1. The Big Nowhere 08:10
A2. 1952 03:06
A3. Death Of A Caddie 04:28
A4. Kennedism 02:51
B1. Just You And I 02:43
B2. Drive In Lovers 06:14
B3. Wilma, The Shore 04:52
B4. Black Lake Confidence 05:41

Hailing from the lurky outskirts of Rome, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte (aka M.M.M.) built themselves a reputation in dark swing jazz mixed with noise, dark ambient, cinematic dub.
“Black Lake Confidence”, their 6th studio effort, marks a step forward towards doom-jazz and drone ambient.
For the very first time the band switches from sample-orientated patchwork to live instruments.
Guitars, saxophone, live drums and electronics as well, are now fully integrated in the band's enviroment.
Consisting of 8 unreleased tracks, "Black Lake Confidence" delivers a spectrum of dark & morbid feelings as usual.
Noise is still there, but in a different way.
The album, anticipated by the video on Youtube of “Just You & I”, a classic Badalamenti/ Lynch track, delivers a collection of very moody and strange stuff, very hard to describe.
Take the black drone-anthem “1952”, the harsh & hypnotic crescendo of “Drive In Lovers”, the epic psycho-doom of opening track “The Big Nowhere” and the passionate vocal performance laid over the doom-step insanity of “Death of a Caddy - you will barely recognize the same band playing.
Inspired by the black shores of Bolsena Lake, “Black Lake Confidence” blends together an imaginary place where Twin Peaks, Capocotta and Dallas (murder places of Laura Palmer, Wilma Montesi and J.F. Kennedy respectively ) meet and come to life.

For listeners who are into:
Bohren und der Club of Gore, John Zorn, Zu, Dale Cooper Quartet, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensamble, Shackleton, Demdike Stare .